Business Law

From helping people with the legal aspects of starting a new business in Richmond to providing outside general counsel for companies with employment issues, commercial real estate challenges, or other opportunities,  Schooley Law Firm can help businesses understand their legal options and create lasting solutions.



Are you trying to start your own business in Richmond, Virginia, but don’t know where to begin on the legal side?  Problems can arise if clients do not carefully consider their options at the outset, such as tax elections and each partner’s rights and obligations in the new venture.  

Schooley Law Firm can help you identify your current and future business needs to create the best business structure.  From operating and employment agreements to obtaining an EIN and business license, we can help you establish the legal foundation your business needs to comply with the law and start out on the right foot.


If you own an existing business, you know there are great days and harder ones.  Sometimes things run smoothly, but other times a pile of challenges can arise that get between you and making money.  When they do, we can help your business by identifying options and implementing solutions to problems, including employment issues, financial concerns, and even “good problems” like expanding to new locations or other lines of work.  Call Schooley Law Firm today to break down these barriers and get back on track.