Estate Law

Providing trust and estate services in Richmond, Virginia, for nearly 20 years, the attorneys at Schooley Law Firm are ready to help you understand your options and develop a holistic estate plan that is tailored to the unique needs of you and your family.  We also help clients navigate the administration of the wills and trusts they have been designated to oversee, as probate and trust law can be overwhelming and complicated at times.   



Many factors can create a need for a new estate plan. Whether it is a change to your family -- you just had your first child or remarried and now have a blended family -- or your assets changed such that you now have a taxable estate, property that requires special management, or a business to transition, Schooley Law Firm has the experience you need to make estate planning streamlined.  

We are passionate about helping clients resolve all their planning challenges, from the practical concerns of blended families to technical tax issues; and we encourage the involvement of your other important advisors, such as your trusted CPA and financial advisor.


Collecting and managing someone's estate after they are deceased can be exhausting. From gathering assets and meeting legal reporting requirements, to paying debts properly and making distributions, obtaining experienced help from Schooley Law Firm can streamline the process and help check "to dos" off your list.  

Beyond the contents of the will, state law imposes important duties and obligations upon executors and administrators that can easily be overlooked without proper guidance.


Being named as trustee of an irrevocable trust, whether that is to manage assets on behalf of someone else or for yourself, involves responsibilities that are not readily apparent.  Prudent investment management, distribution decisions, and tax reporting obligations are core features of the job.  The best way to ensure a smooth experience for the trustee and beneficiaries is to build your administration practices on a strong procedural and legal foundation, understanding what is required by the terms of the document and by underlying law, and also what is within a trustee's discretion. 

Schooley Law Firm is here to help relieve the burden and leverage our two decades of experience to help you navigate this job efficiently and effectively.  However, if you are well into your term as trustee and have encountered new problems, we are here to help you get back on track.